No wonder she was so angry

at the start of son of neptune i like how the gorgons just straight out give percy the name of their patron whilst in lost hero they dont find out till near the end XD

Oh my god the biggest revelation in history!!!!!

This is one of the reasons why Harry potter and Percy Jackson fans get along so well<<<< I think I became Kirby because it felt like I sucked up the world with my emnormous gasp

Percy Jackson truth or dare - Goth Annabeth #wattpad #fanfiction

Percy Jackson truth or dare - Goth Annabeth

You just sang that in your head, didn't you?

Dori Just Keep Swimming Cheer bow white with glitter details

Wow...first smartwater, and now seaweed brain.<------------ but seaweed brain is what annabeth calls Percy. If there ship name was seaweed Brian people would get confused.

Annabeth shipped her and Percy from the beginning<< This girl's little brother is a genius.

Happy 4th of July my Demi-gods

How does the fandom make these <<< How can they not? <<< Merica + demigods + lone lost Chinese Canadian baby man<<< come join the dark side of canada we have pancakes and maple syrup

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Is Rick a God now! The God of Feels, Sass, and Trolls. -------- and awesomeness. I love Uncle Rick.>>> Nah, he's just the immortal Scribe of Olympus.