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Anamnesis - 18 - 21 by GolzyBlazey on DeviantArt

Next: Anamnesis - 22 - 25 Prev: Anamnesis - 15 - 17 --- Author Note: Somehow, Gaster really look badass without glasses >_> ------ Under.

GZSTUDIO by GolzyBlazey.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Introducing the Gzstudio, where it all the actors of the HOT Alternate Universe comic gather and play their roles, everything were directed by the great HOOMICORN who& taking control the HOPELESS .

Has a tendency to vanish for long periods of time without warning.

[UT SPOILERS] sans and papyrus comic - Imprisoned by destiny by zarla on DeviantArt

Anamnesis Part 4 - 16-20 by GolzyBlazey on DeviantArt

--- Author Note: MTT just tossed a child ------ Undertale (c) Toby Fox Arts, Anamnesis (c) 

And now the nuclear launch codes by zarla on DeviantArt

First Previous Next A while back I said we'd come back to this plot thread and now that day has come! The two of them managed to keep seeing things a se. And now the nuclear launch codes

Don't count on it by zarla on DeviantArt

Previous Next The moments of mercy or weakness are the worst. They just make things harder for everyone. Someone wrote a fic for this awful AU and it had Papyrus steal the Rubik’s Cube after .

GZtale: Confrontation by perfectshadow06.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Time TO GET TRIGGERED! Will there ever be a part I dunno! XDD Feel Free to fave and& comment down below! It& always nice to share the love and your thoughts to us! QwQ Thank you for viewin.

Fire (Pokémon), Pikachu, Blue (Pokémon), Green (Pokémon) (by Sakurai, Pixiv Id 1364648)

Fire (Pokémon), Pikachu, Blue (Pokémon), Green (Pokémon) (by Sakurai, Pixiv Id…

[MILD SPOILERS] You're both in BIG trouble by zarla.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

[MILD SPOILERS] You're both in BIG trouble by zarla on DeviantArt You can almost hear the resounding and simultaneous "He started it!

omg cliffhanger! Actually I had a whole scene in mind but I split it in two since I knew it'd get ridiculously long, and this was a natural breaking point, so. You'll get the other half eventually....

Next: Anamnesis - 26 - 37 Prev: Anamnesis - 18 - 21 --- EDIT: english fixed Author Note: Somehow, This is my last update for this comic, no, that doesn’t mean this i.

Mel vs Pap. I'd like to see this fight

Gztale - Papyrus VS Melancholy by GolzyBlazey on DeviantArt

Awesome! :)

The gravity of the situation may be high but it doesn't mean papyrus should be hanging around waiting for that pun