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Hahahahaha I feel you imagine Peter saying it, it's even funnier!<< I AM DYING HALP ME

Hahahahaha I feel you imagine Peter saying it, it's even funnier! The best if your a whovian and can understand, and then realise no-one else would.


"John Barrowman is the sassiest woman on the show".Oh my gosh. So true though.

Doctor taught me

A few life lessons Doctor who has taught me. I've seen something like this done before but more on a comedy level and while I added one or two in. Doctor who has taught me.

Ontdek en deel de mooiste afbeeldingen van over de hele wereld.

doctor who and anne frank image on We Heart It

They don't they extrominate

The Ultimate Question - How do the Daleks manage to build anything with a whisk and a plunger?

Wings on Jareds shadow

Supernatural/Doctor Who - Daeva (Monster of the Shadows) & Vashta Nerada. Please excuse the language. They can only travel by shadows? As in, shadow traveling?

i disagree with the first portion (we got martha, donna, etc." but the grumpy Chinese grandma is gold

ohmygosh I want that last idea it would be hysterical (not that I have anything against twenty-ish white girls with a crush on the doctor considering that pretty much describes me haha ;

Don't ruin it. Repin if you know what it is

we must look so weird to everyone else. This song brings tears to my eyes every time!

I just really love maths, you guys...:)

So this started out being REALLY SAD AND SCARY. And then it ended with, "I just really love math guys". and I'm dying. << I'm scared of math

None of my Doctors are leaving me...

I have my arm around Peter Capaldi, with that hand I'm holding Christopher Eccleston's big ear. My other hand is holding Matt Smith's coat, while my foot is holding down David Tennant's long coat.

Well, now. And that, my friends, is how you break the hearts of an entire fandom!

"Hey There, Delilah" Doctor Who edition. EXCUSE ME WHILE I CRY the only version of this song ill sobbingly sing in my head:'(

I want captain jack harkness back so badly. He's so awesome

I feel like we should have had more Nine/Jack/Rose episodes. Maybe if they ever bring Nine back for a multi-Doctor thing, we could possibly bring them back together for one extra story?I can dream can't I? Because I love Nine

Oh my LORD the feels omg

i love companion dreams :D i haven't had one in a while but when i do it feels so amazing. they are really exciting and the best part is getting a hug of the doctor, it just fills you up with joy :D - *pouty face* I wanna have companion dreams!

Weeping angels actually have sick moves

[ I lost it at "aggressively chicken dance".and again at "twerking angels". -J] Why Weeping Angels Weep