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Chin Na in Ground Fighting : Principles, Theory and Submission Holds for All Martial Styles (Paperback)

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This self-defense guide focuses on the use of joint locks, cavity presses, and bone misplacement to subdue any aggressor. Theory, principles, and techniques are included.\nEffective Techniques for all Martial Arts Styles Chin Na is the controlling art of Chinese Kung Fu and is a part of many non-Chinese martial styles. The application of Chin Na can be applied to any empty hand fighting discipline. Chin Na in Ground Fighting explores the use of joint locks, pressure points and bone displacement techniques for actual fighting encounters that have landed on the ground. The material in this book concentrates on: holding techniques which are capable of immobilizing an opponent with a limited danger of counter-attack, the principles and theory of these holds, the identification and use of pressure points for offensive and defensive purposes. Over the last twenty-two years as a street policeman (Vancouver, B.C.), I have come to realize the acute deficiencies of Karate as a defensive art, or more practically, as a controlling art; as my chosen vocation demands. For myself, Chin Na was like a snap-on tool, allowing me to adapt my martial arts ability to suit the highly balanced needs of personal self-protection with controlling those I was empowered to arrest. - from the Preface. General history of Chin Na and Ground fighting styles. Positional changes for ground fighting. An introduction to meridian theory. A systematic look at joint locks (arm, legs, neck and body).
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