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I might be any of the Hogwarts Houses. haven't gotten Pottermore-sorted, but all the billions of sorting tests I've taken before have usually (if quantitative) given me even scores across the board.

Slytherin Psychology [Submitted by paperribcage]

I've always called myself a Slytherin and people say "No, no. You're too nice." Yes, I am sweet but I am also cunning and calculating.

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Slytherin Psychology It took me years to learn self control, and approach this in a more cunning manner

Yes. For example, when I get in fights and I'm frustrated and I don't know what to say/how to say it, I cry.

>> I cry too much to be a good Slytherin. I think most people in my house either see the true Slytherin in me or think I'm a Ravenclaw

slytherin-psychology | tumblr

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