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Can they please put this in the series?

Miraculous Ladybug Headcanon Photoblmting Heroes - By merrypaws and amynchan -Miraculous Ladybug

Okay, this is proof that there needs to be an episode in Season 2 or 3 about the Dance AU!!! Like for real...

Okay, this is proof that there needs to be an episode in Season 2 or 3 about the Breakdance AU! Ladynoir on streets

text episode 1 part 9

part 1 of this series of miraculous texts, in which Adrien and Marinette need help confessing, and Nino and Alya are more than happy to help out. Adrien texts like a grandpa

This would be hilarious XD

SPOILER ALERT*** Hawkmoth didn’t freak out though. When Dark Owl was about to drown Ladybug and Chat Noir In whipped cream, Hawkmoth was just like, Okay den.

I actually have always loved the idea of what would happen if they met each other's kwamis

Idea for a MLB episode Lost kwami plagg tikki Begging adrien marinette

What? No Ladybug X Reader fanfiction? You know it exists

I love how ladybug x chat noir is above ladynoir fanfics because he got so deep in the fanfiction that he found the name for it

Miraculous Ladybug scoop founded!

And Ladybug is about to detransform and Chloe comes and says to CN "Oh there you are Adrien I was wondering where you were!" And LB is like what and Cn is like oh shit

Totally could see that happen

It's terrible that Chat recognizes Mari/Ladybug through her abusive speech

OMG Adrien^^^you can't tell me that this didn't at least enter Adrien's thoughts once

I am sure this is what Adrien was thinking when he got the miraculous.

Plsssss I need an episode of this xD

The fluff is strong with this one xD Miraculous Ladybug