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"And there on the sands where the starfish play, A ship sailed into the moon beam bay. They all went sailing on the starlight sea, Where they all had cookies and oolong tea.and Jenny had three.

Sin vuelta atrás

Melting Moon: I don't know if this is a real picture, but it doesn't matter. Take me to where the moons melts into the waterfall, where laughter never ceases, where love is always present, where there is no room for hate.

Country Green and Brown

A deer bull sitting between the trees and thiking "who is that funny guy with the camera?

An enormous moon silhouette.

I can feel the peace of a silence night lightened only by the moonlight.

Strawberry Moon...Honey Moon

glowing fullmoon background the moon is completely round to use for other scenes Stock Photo by phyllis

Faithful moons, like every earthly sphere, Encircle but their one appointed round, Visiting the distant to be near.