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five different animal figurines in gold, black and white on a white background
CRAFT TUTORIALS: Plastic Toy Makeover
painted plastic animals
a small toy sheep standing on top of a white surface with blue string attached to it
so cold
yarn & plastic animal
four jars with different colored pencils and animal figurines in them on a table
Storage and Organisation Tips and Tricks | Ideal Home
DIY Animal Toppers for Jars. All you do is glue plastic animals on a lid and spray paint.
how to make an ornament out of paper and scissors for christmas tree decorations
Glitter Tassel Animal Ornaments • A Subtle Revelry
this would be a great use for all those plastic animals we have laying around...
there are several pictures of different things made out of clay and paper mache pieces
Plastic Animal Crafts
DIY: Turn cheap plastic animals into super cute crafts! Learn how to make a magnetic necklace holder, ring holder, place card holdr, magnetic photo holder and fridge magnets. so cute!
some fake sheep are sitting on top of a piece of paper next to a post it note
Design Crush - Art, Design & Inspiration
Cut up plastic animal figurines, spraypaint, attach magnets.
two small toy animals on top of a blue dresser with metal handles and knobs
Re-Purposed Plastic Animals
Re-Purposed Plastic Animals | Daily Living Brief
colorful wooden pegs are mounted to the wall with animals on them and text overlay
Re-Purposed Plastic Animals
Re-Purposed Plastic Animals | Daily Living Brief
three small gold deer figurines in the snow
please pass the gold
gold spray painted plastic animals
two deer figurines standing next to each other
Plastic Animal Photo Holders - Stars for Streetlights
plastic animal photo holders love theae for the boys
there are three different pictures with animals on them and one has a candle in the shape of a giraffe
diy plastic animals
two toy horses standing next to each other in front of confetti sprinkles
Another plastic animal - repurposed with a little paint.
four small toy animals in different colors and sizes, one with a ring around its neck
Craft Tutorial; Plastic Animal Ring Holder
Craft tutorial - Plastic Animal Ring Holder
three different colored boxes sitting on top of a white table next to each other, one with a toy cat and the other with a camel figurine
plastic animals
three little gold rabbits sitting on top of a green book
diy plastic animal placecards