DIY Halloween Decorating Idea

DIY Halloween bat "chandelier" - sewing frames, acrylic paint, craft foam, fishing line, electrical tape

There are short stories, and then there are short stories that blow your mind.

13 Short Stories With Unexpectedly Shocking Twists


These popsicle stick bangle bracelets are super cute, and so easy to make. See how to make them here!


What can you do with the remaining Popsicle sticks after making Popsicle at home? Popsicle sticks are arts-and-crafts’ best friend, and for good reason.


Hän pudottaa jäätelötikkuja kiuhuvaan veteen – Lopputulos on yllättävä!


Popsicle Stick Bracelets - Boil popsicle sticks, put them in a cup overnight to shape them, cover with washi tape, modge podge, etc. to make bracelets - how cool!

Hvordan kan en fisketur forklare norske elever politikk? Her får du svaret! - Aftenposten

Her får du svaret!