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several green and yellow bugs on a leaf
Slug Moth Caterpillars
Slug Moth Caterpillars acharia ophelians
a close up of a white and orange caterpillar on a green plant leaf
Crawling Bling: Trippy Tropical Jewel Caterpillars
Crawling Bling: Trippy Tropical Jewel Caterpillars | WebEcoist
a small white object sitting on top of a leaf
Gelatin slug caterpillar
a group of mushrooms with a green caterpillar on top
“En sous bois” by David Greyo.
a colorful caterpillar crawling on a green leaf
a person holding a green caterpillar in their hand
Hickory Horned Devil
Hickory Horned Devil ~ Regal Moth caterpillar
a close up of a green fruit on a tree
watermelon caterpillar
a close up of a person holding a caterpillar
Endless Swarm
A gigantic, pale, wriggling baby of a Hercules Beetle (Dynastes hercules); the most famous and largest of the rhinoceros beetles. The grubs of this enormous beetle grow up to 4.5 inches (110 mm) in length and weigh up to 120 grams. They spend 1-2 YEARS in this adorable form before transforming into a pupa, molting, and then emerging as an adult.
a black and white striped snake on a branch
Looper Moth Caterpillars Atewa Range Art Print by Piotr Naskrecki
Looper Moth Caterpillars
a green caterpillar is laying on the table
Manduca Sexta
a colorful bead hanging from a green leaf
Jewel Caterpillars
Jewel Caterpillar
two bugs are sitting on the end of a plant
Spring colors
a green plant with brown and yellow flowers growing on it's leaves in the jungle
Stinging Flannel Moth Caterpillar (Megalopyge lanata)
a close up of a sea urchin on a net
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Elm sawfly larva on hexagonal-pored polypore