The best of Phuket properties. For rent and sale, luxury villas and normal villas.

Top of the art of Phuket Properties. The best selection of luxury villas and regular houses. We do have your rental villa or if you are looking for buy a property. Your investment is safe with us.
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Phukets best properties for rent or sale, and good investments.

Gunnar Melby Norway on

Investment in a Property @ Phuket is now on TOP. Mostly the developers offer 5 - Rental return on YOUR property, for 3 - 7 Years,- That is NOT a bad DEAL.

NOW its #time to #book your #holiday #villa in Phuket I have a #wide #selection of #properties for #rent in #Thailand

Gunnar Melby Norway on

An investment In Phuket Thailand is secure with us We want you to enjoy Beaches, nice seafood and the happiness of wonders you find here in Phuket, as they say Amazing Thailand.

There is a very FEW number of people who #come to #Thailand only one time. Thailand is a #country to #love #welcome

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