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Shennondoah Crossing in Virginia. The yurt was SO cool, one of the kids favorite vacations to date!

Find out what yurt camping is all about. Embark on this luxurious form of camping & enjoy common necessities while exploring the outdoors.

The yurts are very resource efficient, providing a maximum amount of enclosed space while using a minimal amount of material as compared to standard construction. The yurt and platform can be removed leaving virtually no trace...

You know the whole "cabin the woods" thing? I'd be good with a yurt. I really want a yurt someday.

Group of yurts we set up in eastern Montana. Rocking the full glass windows and tinted domes.

Shelter Designs builds and sells custom yurts! Quality fabric yurts at the best prices in the industry! in diameter, custom options available, worldwide shipping, Montana made.