Trash To Treasure

Trash to treasure diy home decor projects. Found treasures from thrift stores and flea markets are great for upcycling, recycling, and repurposing. Don't throw…
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many different types of wooden and metal items with text overlay that says boo - fores and afters thrifted halloween crafts
DIY Halloween Decor from the Thrift Store
Get ready to be eerily inspired before your next trip to the thrift store. These upcycling ideas for Halloween decor will have you looking at EVERYTHING differently now- so many amazing Halloween crafts, so little time.
the words fabulous untangled fall decor projects
Repurposing Ideas for Fall Decor
Sure, Fall Decor from home stores is nice and all, but it's not exactly unique. And with so many AMAZING upcycling ideas for autumn decor from thrift store finds, there's really no comparison. Here are some inspiring projects to get you in the mood to go Fall thrifting!
the words charming home decor projects from the thrift store are overlaid with images of decorative items
Thrifty Ideas for DIY Home Decor
Time may pass and decor styles may change, but one thing remains constant: Turning treasures from the thrift store into DIY home decor! There are ENDLESS opportunities to create one-of-a-kind furnishings for your home; perhaps one of these ideas will inspire you to go out thrifting!
an image of a witch flying in front of the moon with caption that reads, sabie seasonals guarar
Halloween Moon and Witch Decor from a Glass Globe Light Fixture
a gold vase sitting on top of a wooden table next to two small white birds
Home Decor Upcycling Ideas
Do you have old items laying around that could use a refresh and brought back to life? Let me help turn your trash into treasure. These DIY home decor ideas will get you motivated for your next project!
a white table with black polka dots on it and a ghost decoration in the middle
Alternative Trick or Treat Idea with a Candy Bowl Holder
Repurpose a vintage barrel stand from thrift store into a DIY ghost Halloween candy bowl holder stand by Sadie Seasongoods /
a jute bag with two bees on it and the words diy bee decor above it
Bee Decor from the Thrift Store
Bee decor from the thrift store is easier than you think with these two upcycling ideas! One uses a glass light shade and the other starts with a small wicker basket. Perfect for repurposing into beehives for summer decor.
a wooden bowl filled with plaid napkins on top of a table
DIY Hand Warmers / Reusable Hand Warmers from Old Flannel Shirts
Warm up your chilly hands with the coziest hand warmers around, made from flannel shirts found at a thrift store! These are such an easy sewing project that any crafter can make and a wonderful way to repurpose a favorite shirt. AND they are the perfect gift during the chilliest of months! #craftingwithflannel #flannelupcycle #easysewingprojects #sewingprojectideas #handwarmers #flannelcraft #flannelshirts
upcycling jewelry Vintage Jewellery Crafts, Upcycling Jewelry, Play Your Cards Right, Cute Craft, Thrift Store Decor, Vintage Jewelry Crafts, Drinking Wine, Dainty Pendant
Upcycling Jewelry into Wine Glass Charms
upcycling jewelry
a lamp that is sitting on top of a table next to a photo and some pictures
Gorgeous Thrifted Lamp Makeovers
Lamps can quickly look outdated and that is why there are so many good deals on them at thrift stores. My budget-friendly tips and tricks will show you how to take that old lamp and give it new life! Follow along with my blog for more DIY inspiration!
the video is showing how to make an easy diy project
Easy Thrift Store Makeovers - YouTube Video
Watch as I take these thrift store finds on a budget and turn them into beautiful and updated home decor pieces. My simple step by step directions are easy even for beginners. Let's get to work!
how to paint an outdoor furniture with spray paint and some other things that are in the background
Paint Outdoor Furniture The Easy Way
Paint outdoor furniture using a small electric paint sprayer. The sprayer makes painting furniture a breeze.
yard sale signs are featured in this collage for the world's largest flea market
127 World's Longest Yard Sale
The 127 world's longest yard sale is a cool sale and the event happens every year in August.
a blue table with books on it and the words, how to paint furniture table makeover with milk paint
Demilune Table Makeover with Milk Paint
Give your thrift store Demilune table a fresh new look with milk paint! Our easy DIY tutorial will guide you through the process of revamping your ugly table of vintage furniture into a gorgeous statement piece. You'll be amazed by the results!