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The eaves in a loft create a space that tapers away, not giving a lot of height even at the front. But by putting shelves and drawers into these spaces, can create a neat, streamlined look to a room, that also maximise the space that is available.

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Barbara Genda Furniture designs are regularly featured in the interior design press, you may have seen us there!

Jotun interiørbeis: 2 deler "Drivved" og 1 del "Valnøtt". Kan man bruke interiørbeis på gamle laftevegger tro?

Roger's Hytteside - Den ferdige hytta

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kind of in love with this bed...! Sonoma Captain's Bed with Bookcase Headboard by Prepac

Humble Abode

High-end online furniture store, Humble Abode furniture is built to last and a favorite source for interior designers and furniture shoppers with free shipping. Browse our wide selection of luxury quality furniture sets from an online furniture retailer trusted since 1999. Find your style and color furniture with choices of wood and iron finishes, leather and fabric upholstery to complete your designer furniture collection.

If we tone down the oranges of the wood with dark paints and accents, would it work?

If we tone down the oranges of the wood with dark paints and accents, would it work?

Rustic bedroom - dream room for sure!

32 Amazing Examples of Cabin Decor

Rustic bedroom - dream room for sure!

Belleza rústica en las montañas de Suecia.

Un chalet à la montagne en Suède - PLANETE DECO a homes world

Un chalet à la montagne en Suède Bien sûr, nous avons les Alpes et les Pyrénées, mais en Suède, on ne manque pas de pistes de ski, et donc de chalets plus ou moins contemporains. Celui ci est un géant avec ses 712m²...Pour pallier l'impression de froideur qui pourrait venir non seulement de son environnement mais de ses volumes, le bois a été utilisé en grande quantité, de façon traditionnelle. On aime ou on aime pas, mais cela convient parfaitement à l'ambiance.

Vladimir Bolotkin

Hunting House (Hall)

Дизайн - творческая мастерская "Формат"

Dreamy Winter Exteriors - Becki Owens

There is something so magical about this time of year. I love driving through neighborhoods with the glow of sparkling holiday lights and depending on where you live, you may be lucky enough to enjoy a white Christmas. But here in California, I can only dream of snow on Christmas Eve. So today I'm do just that, and sharing my idea of dreamy winter exteriors that invite the holidays in. I hope you enjoy.

Heltrekjøkken og hyttemøbler produseres etter mål og ønsker! |

Heltrekjøkken og hyttemøbler produseres etter mål og ønsker!

Heltrekjøkken levert på flott tømmerhytte i Oppdal. 42mm eik benkeplater. *Alle våres hyttekjøkken produserer heltre furu som standard, vi kan også lage kjøkken i andre treslag. *Overflatebehandling enten med beis,olje,klarlakk, eller maling alle våres innredninger kan leveres i valgfri NCS farge. *Ønsker du en gjennomgående stil på innredningene, kan vi også produsere baderomsmøbler, garderobe...

Do-It-Yourself Bed With Drawers

In every room of your house there is always a better way to maximize the space. For some rooms it may be as simple as decluttering, tidying up here and there. That's not always the case with the bedroom. The bed is not an easy obstacle to work around, after all. But what if you could somehow find a way to make use of the space under bed? The space under the bed is great for extra storage, but the dust bunnies can get annoying. This system will give you heaps of organised storage without the…