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¿A quién no le ha pasado esto alguna vez? Nos sentimos totalmente identificados :) ¡Feliz miércoles! Building Owned Media Channel Networks [OMC’s are Social Channels and more] | Since there are so many great people creating resources to help the world understand social media marketing better, I thought I would pin them here… Enjoy! #social #digital #marketing -

"Oh man, it's three in the morning. I should really get off the computer and go to bed." Story of my life!

Social media in real life.

Las redes sociales en la vida real / Social networks in real life :P ;

How basic social media mistakes can cost you a prospective job.

3 Social Media Mistakes

Miriam Salpeter, the author of Social Networking for Career Success, shares three of the worst online social media mistakes made by of job hunters. overdo self promotion generic invitation over share

Social Media Sharing: When Is It Too Much? -

Social Media Sharing: When Is It Too Much? Very Ann Tran