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a black cat wearing a gold chain around its neck and an orange jacket over it's shoulders
Yago Partal Art Shop
Yago Partal | Photo | Film | Illustration
an alpaca wearing a jacket and sweater
Zoo Portraits. Pictures, facts and curiosities about animals.
LLAMA by Yago Partal for ZOO PORTRAITS
a wolf wearing a tuxedo and bow tie with his eyes wide open in front of the camera
Zoo Portraits: Wolf
Zoo Portraits by artist Yago Partal combine photography with fashion illustration where Partal's photos of animals are dressed up in human clothing, their dapper duds uncannily expressing each animal'
a large tiger painted on the side of a building
Günter Tauchner
SonnySunDancer street art
a polar bear swimming underwater in the water
Sooper-Deviant User Profile | DeviantArt
It's always fun to watch the Polar Bears swimming at Como Zoo in Saint Paul, MN
a large leopard walking through tall grass
Young leopard in the high grasses
WILD LIFE, NO CAGE LIFE!!!! CAPTIVITY IS CRUEL, BOYCOTT ZOO & CIRCUS. Se ami le immagini di questa bacheca NON ANDARE AL CIRCO oppure ALLO ZOO perché gli animali NON DOVREBBERO ESSERE IN QUEI LUOGHI ma liberi in natura.
a tiger swimming in the water with its mouth open
Download Animal Tiger HD Wallpaper
Is this a tiger shark? He may think he is, but we know different. | For more cute/funny pets videos visit →
a close up of a bird of prey
A Royal Name for a Regal Eagle
Its official, our new male Wedge-tailed Eagle has a name, and that name is George! As a Principal Partner of Taronga Zoo, QBE had the exclusive opportunity to be involved in the naming of this up-and-coming bird. They ran an internal promotion for all their NSW employees asking for potential names. The winner, Amy Kent, from QBE's Newcastle office is extremely excited that her suggested name, George, was picked as the winner, named after recently born Prince George. The name beat out other h...
three pictures of a red panda sleeping on a tree
Red Panda Mom Shows Her Skills at Chester Zoo
Red panda mom shows off her skills at the Chester Zoo.
a lion wearing a top hat with birds in it's cage on its head
Another Time Another Place | Adrian Higgins Visual Artist
Previous pinner: A Lion's. Adrian Higgins
a colorful parrot sitting on top of a tree branch
African safari, visite du zoo
zoo de plaisance du touch, zoo, humour, animaux, perroquet, Ara, Ara severus
a black and white photo of a boy playing with a large tiger in the water
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an elephant standing next to a waterfall with its trunk in it's mouth,
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
African elephant reaching for leaves by a waterfall (zoo habitat?)