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Hanging vessel from the Viking age. Soap stone and iron. Grave find Björkö, Sweden. Object from the exhibition

Hanging vessel Soap stone and iron Grave find Björkö, Adelsö, Uppland, Sweden. SHM 879 Object from the exhibition We call them Vikings produced by The Swedish History Museum

Sea going vessels were often mounted with a dragon or serpents head on the prow. It is important to remember that most people of the Viking age were very superstitious by our standards. The dragon head was simply to frighten away sea monsters and spirits. When approaching land the head could be removed to prevent scaring off the friendly land spirits.

The Vikings were not the first people to build ships but they did build the best ships anyone had made up to that time. Viking ships often had Dragons heads mounted on the bow to scare off sea monsters.

Brooches of the Viking era Urnes Style (obviously had to repin from Sarah, because, y'know, art history stuff)

Viking brooches: Inspired by nature but not enslaved to 'realism', this subtle style emphasizes the grace and beauty of that which, at bottom, we do not truly understand - but might attain to if we only trust our instincts.