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an alien looking out the window of an airplane as it flies over land and water
several hands reaching up in the air with white sheets covering them and their shadows on the ground
not magnificent
a black and white photo of an open window
House model
Yaroslav Gerzhedovich, House model Cardboard, paper, foil, glue, painting 2.5 x 1.5 cm ( "doorway" ) 2013
two creepy hands with green eyes are in front of a black background that says,
hands | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
a box filled with lots of different types of figurines on top of each other
Art and Objects Inc. - Hospitality Art Consultants
ARMAN Pour s'en sortir (To get by) (from " Le Massacre des innocents"), 1961 Accumulation of dolls fragments in a glass and wooden box 13 2/5 × 9 2/5 × 9 2/5 in
a black and white photo of a castle in the fog with birds flying over it
something something
something something - Album on Imgur
a group of people standing around a table with a stuffed animal on it's side
USA_SCI_UFO_23_xs.jpg | Peter & Faith Menzel
"USA_SCI_UFO_23_xs.Replica of an alien body (a movie prop donated to the museum) in the International UFO Museum and Research Center, 114 N. Main St., in downtown Roswell, New Mexico. Museum visitors begin their tour with a short talk by Dennis Balthaser, a "certified MUFON UFO-ologist" (Mutual UFO Network). The Roswell incident started on 2 July 1947 when UFO sightings were reported during a thunderstorm. Next morning a rancher, Mac Brazel, discovered strange wreckage in a field. When the..."
three men are posing for a photo with a baby and an older man in the foreground
an alien in a glass jar with information on the label and description card below it
Alien evidence
Alien evidence | Philipe Kling David
a man sitting next to a statue of an alien
Újabb meghökkentő, idegen lényeket és űrhajókat ábrázoló leletek kerültek elő Mexikóban
Újabb meghökkentő, idegen lényeket és űrhajókat ábrázoló leletek kerültek elő Mexikóban | Új Világtudat | Az Élet Más Szemmel
two young men standing next to each other in front of a wooden fence with sticks
Forgerons. Bakuba
Forgerons. Bakuba | Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
four different shots of a snowman with red eyes
17 Creepy AF Snowmen That'll Ruin Winter For You A Little Bit
there is a plastic bag full of white bananas on the table and it looks like they are wrapped in plastic
Modern Prosthetics