make time for reading the pretty, creative, lovely things that feed your soul & make you feel alive. make beauty. learn how. this world needs beauty.


Don’t be scared to walk alone. Don’t be scared to like it – John Mayer


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Making time for downtime can be as simple of writing in a journal outdoors with a steaming cup of tea.

i just wish i were the only person in the world for a few days. i hate the traffic of others thoughts and words on how i should make the biggest decision of my life.

Silence and Solitude. I can spend days and days alone. People drain me. That's why I embrace Silence and Solitude. I can spend days and days on my own without any human contact. Not feeling lonely for even a moment.


The first morning light, the fresh crisp air, the morning quiet, and cup of hot tea in hand.


i left this comment by accident, i haev never been on bike rides in the midwest im sure its great! "reminds me of summer bike rides in the midwest"


what pleasant visions haunt me As I gaze upon the sea! All the old romantic legends, All my dreams, come back to me.

"Whenever you are creating beauty around you, you are restoring your own soul. ~ Alice Walker

I sit there drawing and listen to the waves." I shrug and keep drawing he try's to look at it but I hide it " uh-ah" I say ( open rp anyone powers allowed)

Solitude-it is often the most simple of artistic expression that captures and holds us-love this.

I chose this picture because I like the lone white flower against the gray and black background. The contrast really makes the flower pop out and I draws the eye to it almost immediately