setesdalskofte med rundfelling

Pattern is available in several sources. These sources may state the same yarn weight but vary in yarns, requirements and measurements. Please refer to your copy of the pattern for exact information.


Knit Stranded, Norwegian Knitting, Fair Isle Knitting, Knitting Sweaters, Autumn Style, Fair Isles, Jumpers, Mittens, Knit Crochet

Rauma rundfelling voksen 225R by Rauma Ullvarefabrikk

Rauma rundfelling voksen 225R

Setesdal Lusekofte Sweater Norway

The Setesdal sweater origins from the Setesdal area in Southern Norway, and the general term for both the sweater and kofte (jacket) is ‘Lusekofte’. It is considered one of the world’s …

Setesdalskofte nr 373 s-3

Strikk med Berta!

Setesdalskofte nr 373 s-3

0906-8 Setesdal Herregenser

0906-8 Setesdal Herregenser