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a puppy laying in the grass with text overlay reading rottweiler growth chart
Rottweiler Growth Chart – When Are Rottweilers Fully Grown? | PawLeaks
Getting a Rottweiler puppy is such an exciting thing and as responsible owners, we would like to care for our Rotties the best we can. So when I got my first Rottweiler puppy, I was so worried about my dog’s growth, sudden growth spurts, as well as her diet and exercise. Besides the health aspects, isn’t it interesting to know how big your young dog will get? Especially large and giant breeds have such explosive growth that it’s hard to believe that a few pounds could develop into nearly 100 pounds in a matter of months. This article covers everything you need to know about the Rottweiler’s growth, the growth stages, and how you can even calculate your dog’s estimated adult weight and height.
a brown dog with the words how much it cost to own a large dog?
How Much Do Dogs Cost? My Budget Breakdown | PawLeaks
In this article, I’m going into specifics on how much a large breed dog like my Rottweiler will cost me over her lifetime and how much she has cost up until now. It’s worth every cent. Plan for a higher financial burden, ranging from more expensive vet visits to wear and tear of your dog’s accessories, not to mention the extra money you’ll spend on food. Keep in mind that a large breed dog will easily grow up to weigh 100 – 150 pounds and questions like “Should I feed my dog raw?” will entail serious financial implications. Small or medium dog owners: Your dog’s diet may be cheaper and toys will hold longer but make no mistake, owning a dog will be expensive.
a dog sleeping on top of a bed with the caption why your dog has to sleep touching you
Why Does My Dog Have to Sleep Touching Me? | PawLeaks
You might head to your bedroom after a long, stressful day, and wonder why your dog is sprawled sideways across your bed, sound asleep. Why do they insist on resting those paws on the same pillow your head lies on? In this post, you will learn the possible reasons behind your dog sleeping while touching you and what you should do about it. #dogs #dogfacts #dogcare #dogbehavior
a black and white dog with the words what colors can dogs see?
Can Dogs See Color Or Are All Dogs Color Blind? | PawLeaks
Have you ever thought about how your dog perceives the world through his eyes? Is he also able to see the beautiful flowers on the field or the colorful toys that you have bought him? The theory that dogs are colorblind has been around for a very long time. Humans thought that dogs only react to movement and can differentiate shadows from light. While dogs are not color blind, they are not able to recognize certain wavelengths and perceive the color spectrum in a yellow or blue tone. #dogs #dogfacts
a dog sitting on top of a yoga mat with the words how to get rid from the health benefits of do yoga
Dog Yoga – How Doga Works and Why It’s Actually Awesome | PawLeaks
We have all heard of the benefits of yoga for humans – not only is it a great exercise but can also provide great opportunities for relaxation and reducing stress. Fortunately for our dogs, the concept of “doga” (dog yoga) was started in 2001 by Suzi Teitelman and has become a popular activity to do with our pets. We’ll be exploring the ins and outs of what doga is, the benefits, potential risks, and how to get started with your own dog! #dogs #dogtraining
a dog with the words 5 fast ways to get rid of dog hoccups
5 Fast Ways to Get Rid of Dog Hiccups | PawLeaks
During puppyhood, my dog used to get hiccups all the time and while they are pretty adorable, one might ask if they should be worried. Dogs can get hiccups just like we do but can they ever be an indication of a serious problem? Let’s discuss why dogs get hiccups in the first place, when you should call the vet and what remedies you can use at home to get rid of persistent hiccups. #dogs #dogtips
a brown and white dog running through the grass with a blue toy in its mouth
13 Boredom Busters to Keep Your Dog Entertained in the Yard | PawLeaks
If you have a big and beautiful yard, why not use it to entertain your dog physically and mentally? High-energy breeds that are not satisfied with brisk walks and a bit of play will need much more stimulation. I came up with 13 fun boredom busters that your dog can play either alone by himself or together with you. #dogplay #dogs #dogtoys
a german shepherd dog with the words all german dog training commands
Ultimate German Dog Training Commands List | PawLeaks
Training your dog in German seems to be quite popular in the USA. I am German myself and train my dog in German, so I thought that this would be a good fit and put together the ultimate German dog training commands list for you. #germanshepherd #dogs
a black and brown dog with the title how to train a reactive dog effectively
How to Train a Reactive Dog Effectively | PawLeaks
Reactive dogs are often driven by fear and feel trapped on a leash. That doesn’t mean that you should take your dog off–leash though. It’s a common pain point for many dog owners. But how do you train reactive dogs? #dogs #dogtraining
a dog walking on a leash with the words what to do if your dog refuses to walk
If Your Dog Refuses to Walk – Do This! | PawLeaks
Your dog suddenly refuses to walk and you’re asking yourself what’s wrong. What’s even worse is when a puppy refuses to walk away from home because they’re young, energetic, and full of life, right? So why does your puppy refuse to walk? #dogs #puppies #dogtraining
a puppy sitting on top of a bed with the words, 20 fun puppy fact's for new owners
20 Fun Puppy Facts for New Owners | PawLeaks
Puppies are loved by everyone which is exactly why a national puppy day exists on March 23. Besides the cuteness and fun, they require a lot of work and commitment. If you are interested in getting a puppy or you already have one, these 20 puppy facts for new owners are definitely worth a read. #puppies #cutepuppy #dogfacts
a brown dog standing in tall grass with the title, 200 + hunting dog names
200+ Badass Hunting Dog Names | PawLeaks
Choosing a fitting name for your male or female hunting dog isn’t easy and requires a lot of time skimming through lists on the internet. But it’s also a very exciting time and a crucial step when purchasing a hunting breed puppy or rescuing a high prey drive dog. Whether you are looking for a badass or unique hunting dog name with meaning for your sporting breed, this list will inspire you with 200+ name ideas for Retrievers, Pointers, Hounds, Spaniels, Setters, Terriers, or gun dogs. #dogs #dognames #puppynames
7 Day Dog Bonding Challenge | PawLeaks
two dogs sitting on the ground with text overlay that says, should you get a second dog?
What If You Hate Having Two Dogs? | PawLeaks
Ever catch your furry friend giving you those puppy-dog eyes and wonder if they could use a companion? Whether you're a seasoned pet parent or a first-timer, the decision to bring a second dog into your life is a big one! Join the debate: Should you get a second dog? What if you regret the decision? #dogs # dogtraining #rescue
a dog sitting on top of a car with the words 10 tips for better car rides with a dog
10 Traveling Tips for Dogs with Motion Sickness | PawLeaks
Setting out on a road trip with your canine companion promises adventure, bonding, and a trunk full of memories. However, as the wheels start turning, some dogs find themselves grappling not just with the twists and turns of the open road, but with an unwelcome hitchhiker: motion sickness. To make care rides better I have collected 10 tips that can help your dog feel more comfortable in the car.