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Patti Gorman-Rogers
clever! curtain with old film slides (or negatives?) -  drill some holes in the slides using a Dremel and connect them all using aluminum chainmail rings

Create a Stained Glass curtain with old film slides

Finally here s something that you can do with your old film slides that is actually very cool. It s hard to stop looking at it. You could even get creative and use the colors of the slides to create stained glass type images.

Melted crayon stained glass is an awesome craft for kids. These works of art looks really great.

An Easy Stained Glass Craft Technique

A kids activity and craft blog

I have boxes of old picture frames that I've collected over time that I just knew I would find something creative to do with someday :) The website is and a new favorite by the way...

Window Art

Materials: Glue (Best to use a clear glue... elmers clear, modge podge, rubber cement) Assorted gems/tiles etc Picture frames (ours were pu...

Cute inspiration for a DIY stained glass window - plexi glass with colored tissue paper or colored cellophane (and then sealed)

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DIY Stained Glass Window -- have been looking for a project like this!

Stained Glass Window

I have always loved stained glass windows. There is just something about the sun shining through colored glass that makes me smile....

DIY Stained Glass Craft Dried Flowers Leaves Crayon Shavings DIY Suncatcher

DIY Stained Glass Craft Dried Flowers Leaves Crayon Shavings DIY Suncatcher

Our craft channel: to make a suncatcher or stained glass picture craft using dried flowers, leaves and crayons! ...

stained glass look with tissue paper & a mod podge/water solution

This DIY window art has the appeal of stained glass without the price, it's so easy kids can help and best of all it comes off with jus...

Before And After: DIY Stained Glass Window

Before And After: DIY Stained Glass Window

Create Art With Me!: Frank Lloyd Wright Faux Stained Glass *instead of sandwiching tissue paper between 2 sheets of contact paper, stick to the window to create a diy stained glass privacy film for a window!

Frank Lloyd Wright Faux Stained Glass

Last week my after school class created Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired stained glass windows. I showed them a variety of his stained glass designs and then let them explore line, shape and pattern to create their own stained glass designs. They looked wonderful on the windows with the bright spring sun shining through! Frank Lloyd Wright-Inspired Stained Glass Windows Supplies Needed: 1" Grid template, optional (more info below) Clear Contact paper (2 sheets 18" x 12") Black construction paper…

Gorgeous DIY flower "stained glass" by @Jean Loang Van't Hul

15 Summer Crafts and Activities for Kids

15 Summer Crafts for Kids. Looking for some fun summer kids' crafts and activties? We've got the scoop on 15 fun ideas for kids, whether you're looking to get in the garden, create art or even make your own fishing pole!

Stained Glass Tropical Ornament can be hung year round! #DIY #ornament #Christmas #Shells

Stained Glass Tropical Ornament

Bring a bit of beach home with these tropical sand filled ornaments. Supplies 3D Clear Crystal Lacquer SPARKRAFT Stickers 3D Colored Crystal Lacquer Iridescent Extra Fine Glitter Glass Ornament Sand and shells (you've collected from a beach visit) Ribbon Step 1: Apply your SparkKraft sticker to your clean glass ornament. Step 2: Begin applying your colored 3D crystal lacquer. Step 3: While your colored lacquer is still wet sprinkle with the extra fine glitter and allow to dry in a level…

DIY stained glass. Go to the link and you have to click on tutorials n the choices at the top....The example is a peacock, and that is beautiful too. Can make any design you want!

Inspired by the Sitcom!

A look at some recent projects that have come to my mailbox, all inspired by previous Sitcom tutorials!

Stained glass crayon flowers  #crayon #craft #kids @allParenting

DIY recycled crayon crafts

Before you toss another used, broken crayon, discover DIY crafts that give your crayons new life, from stained glass to picture frames.