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One Pinner said: Tub and Shower Soap Scum Buster- worked so well I was embarrassed by how dirty the tub had ALWAYS been before - used 2 parts vinegar to one part green Dawn

The Best Homemade Shower Cleaner & Soap Scum Remover!

This homemade shower cleaner cuts through stubborn soap scum like nobody’s business, clinging to your tub's walls & floors rather than running down the drain.

35 Best Natural Cleaning Tips (natural cleaning recipes). Solutions for tough to clean areas. Learn quick tricks and tips for cleaning some of the hardest to clean areas of your home like the bath and windows. Great list of spring cleaning tips.

55 Must-Read Cleaning Tips and Tricks (With Pictures)

Affordable and Simple Bathroom Makeover Ideas and Tips To update . - Affordable and Simple Bathroom Makeover Ideas and Tips Updating a bathtub tutorial … update -

Update an Old Bathtub in Three Easy Steps - The Chronicles of Home

The Chronicles of Home: Update an Old Bathtub in Three Easy Steps

All-purpose cleaners won't remove rust stains from sinks, tubs & toilets. Use a stain remover like Super Iron Out. This stuff is awesome!

10 Home Cleaning Tips from Professional Cleaners

Got some time to clean your home? Here are some pro tips for getting your house back into peak condition.

Make your bathtub sparkle with this tried and true DIY homemade bathtub cleaner. All it takes is a bit of Dawn dishsoap and some white vinegar! It's great for getting rid of heavy duty stains and soap scum that hard water leaves.

A Parent's Guide To Cleaning Up After Your Gross Kids

UGH. Who decided this was a GOOD IDEA??

 Vinegar Spray Bottle Heat the Vinegar Pour Vinegar into spray bottle Add dawn Shake the bottle to mix the two Miracle Soap Scum Remover- just spray, wait, rinse. No effort to a clean white shower.

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Mr Clean Magic Eraser -- When my son wrote on my white wall with a red Sharpie, I cleaned it with one of these! Cleaning Tips - Clean more with this magic product.

Awesome Ways To Clean With Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. Read what you can clean with and more tips!

How to Naturally Clean Hard Water Stains and Deposits from your Tub Faucet - The DIY Village

How to Naturally Clean Hard Water Stains and Deposits from your Tub Faucet - The DIY Village

Spring officially came in with a bang a few weeks ago. By bang I mean taunting us with beautiful warm weather tempting my toes into flip flops only to be pulling the coats and warm socks back out of the drawers in a matter of days! Thankfully the weather man says things are on an …

Tub Cleaner - vinegar and dish soap. Heat c white vinegar in m'wave for 90 sec, pour int spray bottle. Add c BLUE Dawn dish soap. Shake to mix. Spray on surface, let it sit 1 hour. Wipe then rinse with water. Should also take soap scum off shower doors.

Pinterest Tested: Tub Cleaner - The Craft Patch

Welcome to Pinterest Tested! Ever wonder if that miracle cleaner is really miraculous? Or what about that homemade facial cleanser or delicious-looking recipe? This is the place to find out! I am testing Pins that catch my eye to see if they really live up to the claims made on Pinterest. It’s like the Mythbusters …

How to Make Tub and Shower Cleaner: 12 ounces white vinegar, 12 ounces liquid , dawn detergent.

Do It Yourself: Awesome Homemade Tub and Shower Cleaner

Who likes a sparkly clean bathroom without a lot of effort to get it looking that way? DIY shower cleaners for easy housekeeping!

This one I actually did and it worked! I let the vinegar & water soak for an hour, but it did WORK! White Vinegar and Baking Soda: All You Need For a Perfectly Clean Bathtub

Top 10 Time-Saving, MacGyver-Style Cleaning Tricks

Very few people truly enjoy spending time cleaning, and fewer still love buying expensive cleaners for every little task. Here's a handful of clever, time-saving DIY substitutes for common household cleaning jobs.

Homemade Grout Cleaner: Want a simple trick for cleaning grout in your shower, bath, or kitchen? This homemade grout cleaner works great and it only requires 2 ingredients: baking soda and bleach!

2-Ingredient Homemade Grout Cleaner

This is the BEST homemade grout cleaner! It's just baking soda and bleach and gets your dirty grout white again in under an hour!

 The ugly bathtub will also be painted fresh and clean. The previous renter with his 23 parrots will be washed away for good with: DIY - Re-Enameling A Maroon Bathtub. Pinning this in case the house we end up buying has an ugly bathroom. Diy Bathroom, Bathroom, Painting Bathtub, Remodel, Yellow Bathroom Tiles, Home Diy, Bathroom Redo, Bathtub, Refinish Bathtub

Re-Enameling A Maroon Bathtub

Update (2017)...I still swear by this stuff! SO here's the link to Amazon (where I ordered mine MULTIPLE TIMES over the years): ...

Fiberglass and Non-skid cleaner At last a cleaner that is supposed to actually work on those stubborn stains on fiberglass shower bases and non-skid surfaces.

ROG3 - The Ultimate Bathtub & Shower Cleaning System

Meet ROG3: The Most Powerful Bathtub & Shower Cleaner. Ever. Tired of wasting endless hours cleaning your bathtub or shower? That stops today…. In less than 15 minutes, ROG3 can clean your entire bathtub effortlessly while helping you save time and money and keeping your family safe from slips

Cleaning soap scum off tub surround easily without the cost of expensive cleaners

DIY Home Sweet Home

How To Clean Even The Worst Soap Scum. #DIY #DIYHSH #CleanBathroom #CleaningTip