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Speedpaint: Lugia by on @deviantART

Speedpaint commish for ! Lugia, doing Lugia-ish things~ Hope you like it! -Done in Photoshop as always Speedpaint Commissh Info~ Lugia © Pokemon Speedpaint: Lugia

Lugia by dekunobou-kizakura on DeviantArt

dekunobou kizakura fangs looking at viewer lugia no humans ocean pokemon pokemon (creature) realistic red eyes slit pupils surfacing water wings

ScHoolboy Q

I just wanna hit ‘em and leave ‘em, dawg They’re yours for the keep Don't be kissin’ them broads bro, my sperm on they teeth

Parental Advisory! Another Look at the PMRC's "Dirty 15" - Rocks Off

Is music healthy? Is healthy music the same thing as music that is healthy for us all? Those two terms could be about the same thing, or not at all.