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an ornate silver frame with colorful glass beads and a statue in the center on a wall
silver/color combination
there is a small box with an image on it next to a flower and a rose
Little Frida Kahlo shrine by filzgood
two mexican dolls are in a pink and green box with flowers on the sides, one is wearing a red dress
an elaborately painted clock with a man holding a shovel
James Cordova's Purchase Award winner
James Cordova's Purchase Award winner | Museum of Spanish Colonial Art | Flickr
an image of the virgin mary in a box with roses on it and a gold crown
Guadalupe VIrgin Mary Mexican folk art shrine / Rainbow colorful ...
an orange frame with the image of our lady of guadalupe on it and flowers around it
Religious Nichos and Tin Decor
a colorful frame with an image of two people in it on a red wall next to flowers
a painting of two men shaking hands under a tree with an angel flying above them
an image of the virgin mary in a glass case with gold accents and blue background
Galleria Atotonilco - Mexican Folk art, Nicho with Virgin of Guadalupe
a green vase sitting on top of a red table next to a painting with a woman's face
Frida Retablo
the virgin mary is surrounded by pink flowers and gold accents on a bright pink wall
an ornately decorated photo frame with buttons and other items
an old metal frame with a painting on it
Unavailable Listing on Etsy
Tin+Retablos | Antique Mexican Retablo Tin Nicho N.S. De by IsabellaDeMayo, $225.00