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how-to's and tutorials and diy and other smart and cool stuff to do at home or as a hobby. and for me: hopefully a good collection of how-to's on photography…
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watercolor fall wreath card making with ink
DIY watercolor fall wreath. Click on to learn how to paint them | Inkstruck Studio
the pencils and notebook case is lined up
30+ Easy & Adorable Sewing Projects for Beginners
Homemade Sewing Pencil and Notebook Case. Easy sewing project for the beginner. Make great gifts for back to school time.
an open yellow and white binder with three cards in it
Memory Card Notebook. So smart.
four different images of orange leaves on white paper
Embroider a leaf tutorial.
a pair of scissors that have been cut in half to look like they are being held together
Wedding Magazine For LGBTQ Couples, Gay Weddings
DIY Gay-Friendly Kissing Cake Topper | Equally Wed - A gay and lesbian wedding magazine.
a roll of toilet paper is hanging on the wall next to a trash bag holder
20 Unique Home Organizing Ideas with Pictures!
Use a paper towel holder to put your roll of garbage bags on it. Makes it very easy to grab one!! Love this idea. Hope it works, got to figure out how to get it through all the bags in the roll.
an iphone photo with the text'community post manual '
Manual Photography Cheat Sheet | Living in the Stills
the common cook's how - many guide to kitchen conversations infographical poster
Kitchen Conversions made pretty
a person holding a paint brush in front of a window with white lace on it
Lace window treatment with cornflour
Add lace to your window with cornstarch. Iron your lace and cut to fit. Mix 2 tbsp cornstarch with about an equal amount of cold water, then mix that in about a cup and a half of boiling water. Paint a thick layer on the window pane. Then apply another thick layer on top using random brush strokes being sure to get all the corners. To remove it, you just wash it off with warm water,
an info sheet describing how to use the internet
How to Live with Introverts (PDF available!) by CAPTAIN-CAPSLOCK-PHD on DeviantArt
This is brilliant! How to Live with Introverts by =SchroJones on deviantART
a hand holding a marker over a piece of paper with an image of a man's face on it
Easy way to transfer a photo to canvas! « jezzicasprojects
some kind of bread that is on top of a piece of wood with words written in russian
Account Suspended
Estonian Kringel | Just Love Cookin
the collage shows different types of succulents and boutonnieres
How To Make Your Own Succulent Corsage
How To Make Your Own Succulent Corsage: this is too cute for words. :D
a chalkboard sign with the words how to fake and chalkboard effect on it
How to fake a chalkboard effect in Photoshop
How to Fake a Chalkboard Effect in Photoshop