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Since moving here, our house was already filled with endless beautiful misc Norwegian antiques and vintage stuff; and we often also went to antique/junk shops etc. This is lots of random photos of both. Enjoy!:) Will upload more when time.
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Vintage firetruck
Vintage firetruck
Another wooden cup, which I use for butter
Legolas pose for halloween, when ex and I were still together.Again, the whole house looks great compared to what it did, being under constant renovation since 2004. Another decade and it will be done, I was just too German to not bitch and complain, expecting that when I was told 6 months tops, it meant 6 months tops.
the charming little milk jug I´ve been wanting for ages from that antique shop stuffed to the gills...
Old window, that flips open and out, renovation in progress since 2005
the painted shelf cupboard a few generations old
wood windows, sections open indidually, out and have locks and hooks
close-up of some of the glass jars
vintage kitchen, some of the cookbooks, lots of vintage glass jars with glass lids, and an old rosemaling cheeseboard