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Guide to responsive design, why/how/when/where and on what.

The Web Aesthetic — Showcasing The Best in Web Design Web design Greyp Bikes web design Responsive Web Design: useful tips, examples for mob.

Good article about how to design responsively.

When, why, and how should you go about designing a responsive website? Equator web designer and UX Booth contributor Elaine Simpson breaks down the basics of responsive web design.

Neat CSS tricks for drawing shapes WITHOUT canvas or SVG.

So many great shapes and the css to create them. (View Demo pulls up all of the shapes with associated css code)

Luke Wroblewski is brilliant. This article explains the different approaches that can be used in designing for multiple devices.

As more organizations realize they need to invest heavily in multi-device Web designs, the inevitable question of “how” comes up. Responsive Web design, separate sites, or something in between?

An article about valid JS variable names. I actually did not know how many unicode characters were valid Ecma syntax...

Valid JavaScript variable names in ECMAScript 5 · Mathias Bynens

Descent article about how a website should be built with the end-user in focus. Good read. Well worth saving.

A List Apart Magazine (ISSN: explores the design, development, and meaning of web content, with a special focus on web standards and best practices.