Martine Ovesen Flaatten

Martine Ovesen Flaatten

Martine Ovesen Flaatten
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I love them all but Louis kid looks like brown haired Niall and the other looks like young Louis so switch! Me and nialls kids are adorbs

son(s). so I think my future sons are hot. and years of therapy in

Your teenage daughter>>They are all prettier than me what is this!!??

One direction picture imagine

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I'm a Directioner<<< 110% and completely a Directioner<<<< I will literally delete and redownload apps so if my dad tries to open my phone he won't see them and forbid from the directioner life. Well, he already did that, but it'll actually happen if he finds out :)<<<ur dad and my dad would be good friends

And no, I'm not under the age of twelve. No, I do not listen to only One Direction. No, I would not break into their hotel to ambush them. I am a Directioner and I am proud. still a directioner tho

I'm sorry but da fuck is Harry's face?

Harry looks like he can't deal. Like he has snapped or something. I like Niall's, it's like it hurt him too.

The face he makes

The face he makes *le dead*