Vevde bånd og belter (Woven ties and belts.) for beltestakk bunad.

These traditional Norwegian card weaving ribbons are truly amazing.

Beltestakk, Telemark, Norway

FolkCostume&Embroidery: East Telemark, Norway, embroidered shirts for Raudtrøye and Beltestakk

Norway, Embroidery Designs, Celtic, Embroidery Patterns

Shirt collars for naational costumes (bunad) from East Telemark

FolkCostume&Embroidery: Beltestakk and Gråtrøje, Costumes of East Telemark, Norway part 1

BUNADER - Beltestakk rød - Telemark

BUNADER - Beltestakk rød - Telemark

Beltestakk.jpg (359×540)

Beltestakk.jpg (359×540)

Beltestakk fra Telemark

knightofleo: “Regional Versions of Bunad, Norwegian Traditional Outfit Happy Birthday, Norway of May) ”