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a blue and yellow poster with three fish on it's sides, in front of a checkerboard background
Nephthys Foster - Sardinia Portimao Poster (21x30 - x in)
Blue sardines and yellow lemons. Graphic illustration with blue fishes and lemon slices on a checkered background. This fun, modern print is perfect to match together with the 'Le Homard' to create a playful set of prints. Artist: Nephthys Foster
a green and white poster sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a door
Retro Coffee Print, Frog Poster, Coffee Bar Decor, Frog Art, Downloadable Prints, Green Printable Poster, Digital Download Kitchen
This Poster print features 2 retro frogs drinking coffee over a mushroom and the text reads 'Good things happen over coffee'. This print is super cute and is perfect for displaying in your living room, Kitchen, bar dorm room, or anywhere you want to add a little bit of color and love. This minimal typographic print is super aesthetic, completed in Emerald green colors, and exudes a characteristic retro charm. The trendy retro illustrations that you see on my page were all hand-drawn by me and