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The AIRBUS AIRCRAFT family in formation. I'm not a fan of Airbus but .aaahhhhh, how lovely. Whoever was flying the doesn't have much formation experience by the looks of it.

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Australian based Artist and sculptor James Corbett, creates those amazing creations using old scrapped car parts salvaged from scrap yards and turned t

Custom figure by Joe Amaro based on the concept robot Ralph McQuarrie did for the "Masters of the Universe" movie.

The two customs I brought with me to Power Con for the Custom Figures panel were my Ram Man and my Robobot (Ralph McQuarrie concept) .

Parts ...

Comet Found Object Robot Assemblage Sculpture by Brian Marshall. Robot sculpture assembled from found objects by Brian Marshall - Wilmington, DE. Items included in my sculptures vary from vintage household kitchen items to recycled industrial scrap.

Breath underwater like a fish. I want!

Breathe underwater with the same level of ease as a fish with the revolutionary underwater oxygen respirator. This device allows you to swim alongside your underwater chums without having to carry a bulky oxygen tank. It's like fish gills for humans.