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Olivia Gilbert

Olivia Gilbert
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Capital 29

Capital 29 I like the idea of showing the progression of something being eaten. I also really like popsicles and the magazine cover design and concept behind.

Magazine cover design. Legible and stylish.

I think the designer chose a good type face for this design because a thin typeface would not allow the man to be shown in the mask and this typeface allows that while also being legible to the reader

The kerning in the word "DAZED" is very consistent and makes me view the text as a single unit which I think is a good thing

Must Read: Kiernan Shipka Covers 'Dazed,' Carine Roitfeld Selects Favorite Models for 'CR Girls' Portfolio. Plus, Alana Hadid (half-sister of Gigi and Bella) tells us about her new fashion collab.

:: Sydney writers festival ::

Sydney writers festival poster: Hand written words with a simple hand drawing overlapped on top of a black and white photo of a young girl pondering up at the sky. I thought this combination was quite powerful.

Nice use of negative space and type to help define the image being represented. The numbers are the main feature and smaller type plays a nice supporting role in completing the outline.

*i love how the text fills in the white space that also defines the number. the text floating in white space espeically around the 5 and 6 is annoying- maybe use a drop shadow to define it instead?