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some food is sitting on a plate with dipping sauce
Crispy Sweet Chili Ginger Beef Egg Rolls
Crispy egg roll wrappers filled with a sweet chili ginger beef mixture, and packed with vegetables too!
fried cheese grit cakes on a cutting board with the words easy appetizer recipe
These cheesy grit cakes are going to be the star of your meal! This easy and delicious recipe combines creamy grits with fried goodness. You will love these as a side dish or an appetizer. Perfect for entertaining.
Spinach Puffs
Meat • 2 tsp: Bacon bits Produce • 1/2 tsp: Dill, dried • 2 cups: Spinach, fresh Refrigerated • 1: Egg, large Baking & Spices • 1: Salt and pepper Oils & Vinegars • 1 tbsp: Olive oil Bread & Baked Goods • 1 sheet: Puff pastry, frozen Dairy • 1 tbsp: Butter • 4 oz: Cream cheese • 3/4 cup: Feta
a hand holding a piece of bread with cheese and herbs sprinkled on it
Gooey Mozzarella Biscuit Bombs: A Cheesy Delight
Gooey Mozzarella Biscuit Bombs: A Cheesy Delight
two bagels covered in cheese and herbs on top of wax paper with sprinkles
Mozzarella Stuffed Soft Pretzels [105 Minutes]
1h 45m
a blue bowl filled with mini doughnuts covered in powdered sugar and surrounded by information about the ingredients
Mini Doughnut Hot Buttered Cheerios
Mini Doughnut Hot Buttered Cheerios (Fried Cheerios) a fantastic sweet and salty treat that will remind you of your favorite fair food! Makes the perfect snack or appetizer!