Craftsmanship worthy of being called art.
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Kalki Avatar: The apocalyptic horse rider.

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The blessed nation called Hyperborea, where men reach an extreme age, are blessed from illness and enjoy sunlight and enjoyable temperature. One does not die unless they choose to do so by jumping off a lofty rock.

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"Man has within himself all the principles he worships as gods outside his own being ... When we are able to realize this we will have solved the mystery of the Great War, the war that every individual must fight out for himself, with the higher nature to guide him and aid his choice." - Manly P. Hall, Krishna and the Battle of Kurukshetra

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In Greek mythology, according to Hesiod’s Theogony, the world began with the primordial deity Chaos.

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John Martin - Paradise Lost

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John William Waterhouse - La Belle Dame Sans Merci

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