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Raspberry Pi audio player

DIY Audiophile Raspberry Pi Audio Player projects with Volumio. Audiophile distribution for embedded platforms: UDOO, BeagleBone Black, Cubietruck and



Sonus Faber Stradivari.  A three-way design in a unique elliptical enclosure featuring 2pi radiation and a symbiotic tuning system. Each driver is loaded into a tunable cavity, open in the case of the midrange and low frequency drive units, sealed for the high frequency unit. The crossover employed has been developed not only for purity of transition but specifically for enhancing the performance of the amplifier/loudspeaker interface.  USD 45,000.

Sonus Faber Stradivari handmade speakers from Italy by the World of McIntosh Group available at Audio Visual Solutions Group in Las Vegas.

Wizard High-End Audio Blog: Aurum Cantus Genesis loudspeakers

CABINET By utilizing thick high quality MDF, the front baffle is designed to be low diffraction.