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there is a wooden stair case next to the stairs in this room with white walls and wood flooring
Vi bygger et hjem...
Vi bygger et hjem...: desember 2011
the stairs are made from wood and metal
Home - Sonnemann
Sonnemann Treppen Partner HvH
a white couch sitting on top of a hard wood floor next to a stair case
注文住宅の魅力 ~暮らし方・実例検索~ - 注文住宅のハウスメーカー三井ホーム
暮らし方・実例検索 | 注文住宅の三井ホーム | ハウスメーカー ・ 住宅メーカー
a living room filled with furniture and a stair case next to a plant on top of a rug
Designtraum, den man nicht mehr hergeben will | homify
Designtraum, den man nicht mehr hergeben will
two people are walking up the stairs in a house with wood floors and white walls
2015 こころモデルハウス AH-06
there are two pictures of some stairs in this house, and one has a bookshelf on it
Arquitectura y diseño
Diseño de escalera. Visto en