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"America—A Nation of One People From Many Countries," by Emma Bourne published in 1940 by the Council Against Intolerance in America.

1940 Map Depicts America as a Nation of Immigrants. This map was created in order to fight intolerance in the US, before the beginning of World War II.

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A building based on journalistic and political clichés

FOUND: A Very Early and Very Rare Ottoman Atlas | Atlas Obscura

Norway library owns an incredibly rare atlas - one of a print of published in 1803 in Istanbul, it's believed to be the first atlas ever published in the Muslim world.

The Natural Fractals of Google Earth | Atlas Obscura

What is this picture? Would you believe us if we told you that it's a European country?

China as middle kingdom

"China" (zhong guo) is made up of the Chinese characters for middle (中) and country (国). Dating back to around 1000 BCE, inhabitants of what is now China.

China's Classroom Maps Put the Middle Kingdom at the Center of the World | Atlas Obscura

Unattributed, very detailed, two page colored edition copy of the 1602 map Kunyu Wanguo Quantu by Matteo Ricci at the request of the Wanli Emperor.

The second half of the set.

Title: Continental Map with Scenes of Forty-eight Foreign People (America and Europe) Creator: Unknown Japanese Painter Date: Circa 1718