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Olav Erik Johansen

Olav Erik Johansen
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Daw Mastering Chain – Mastering With Your DAW

Mastering Elements Part Mastering Limiters by Mo Volans, As we have learnt in the last four sections of this series, there can be many parts to a mastering chain. When I am mastering a track for a client or.

3 Simple Vocal Delay Tips That Work Every Time

The vocal sound is one of the most important aspect of every mix. If your vocal is buried in the mix, uninspiring and flat then your listener probably won't care tha

5 Compression Techniques and How to Use Them

Inspired by the great reception I received from 6 Frequencies and How to Spot Them I decided to do something similar with different types of compression. Compression is a tricky subject for many,.

5 Tips for Parallel Compression on the Whole Mix

An overview of five different types of compression and when to use them, including practical applications and recommended plugins for each.

Audio Compression Compressing Instruments and Vocals in Musical Recordings

In studio gear esoterica, the two-channel Fairchild 670 is the ‘Holy Grail’ of hardware compressors. Universal Audio went to great lengths to capture the unique and sublime sonics of this famous Variable Mu/Tube limiter.

The 7 Best Microphones for Recording Acoustic Guitar: under $500 http://ehomerecordingstudio.com/acoustic-guitar-microphone/

A list of the best acoustic guitar mics including: Shure Rode AKG Studio Projects and Blue Yeti Pro.