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an image of some colorful corals in the water with lots of bubbles on them
Ancient Civilizations and Current Concieved Notions of those Civilizations, page 5
some type of art that looks like hexagonal figures with yellow and black colors
Cross-section of Manna grass | 1982 Photomicrography Competition
an abstract image of red and yellow flowers
Amazing Photos of a Luna Moth’s Wing Under a Vintage Microscope
Soap Experiment, Soap Photography, Colourful Fish, Bubble Wands, Light Rays, Soap Bubbles, Color Therapy, Art Plastique
Incredibly Colorful Macro Soap Photography
an abstract green and yellow pattern on a black background, with circles in the center
Orchid Roots: Botanical Sponges
an image of some green plants that are close together
Xylem Plant Cells, Sem by Dr David Furness, Keele University
an abstract pattern made up of black and orange circles with holes in the middle, on top of each other
Spectacular Microscopic Art Is Also World-Changing Science
an abstract painting with many different colors and patterns on it's surface, as well as
Under the Microscope, Some Things Look Too Crazy to Be Real
the inside of a colorful object with lots of lines | The Microbial Sciences Curated for You.
an image of a colorful object that is in the shape of a tear
Ophrys tenthredinifera, stem section [Rob Kesseler]
a blue plate sitting on top of a cement floor
Poster: Zuckerman's Microscopic View of Diatom, 24x18in.