17. Mai festkake

17. Mai festkake

This is a lot like what my bedroom in Norway looked like. With the daybed and the slanted roof.

Vintage ticking in a Scandinavian attic guest bedroom. Just make that a Danish flag =)

It’s easy to lump Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Iceland all together under the big Scandinavian umbrella – they have similar looking flags, related languages, a shared Viking history, and they get quite cold in the winter! But each country has its own distinct culture, traditions, and eccentricities which distinguish them from each other. Before you […]

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Norway Map! Grandpa's family came from Buskarud and Grandma from Lillehammer, Oppland.

Norway Map and Norway Satellite Images

Scandinavian Flag Gift Wrap - Celebrate your heritage by covering a gift in your favorite flag! Use construction paper and clear tape.

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Norway Watercolor Map Norge Art Print 12x16 to 24x36 by artPause, £12.99

Norway Watercolor Map (Norge), Art Print (473)

Norway Watercolor Map Norge Art Print 473 by artPause on Etsy