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Kožna narukvica

Kožna narukvica

Trudy Good (pastel and charcoal drawing). maybe charcoal Buddha?

Don't think oh a nude drawing great, and be totally disgusted. Look at the truly amazing detail and how great they did at portraying her emotion from behind. Trudy Good (pastel and charcoal drawing)

Owls are a popular decoration in recent years. They are a symbol of wisdom. Even jewelry is mass-produced in the shape of an owl. Here are two owls made of wood slices to give warmth to your home.

Creative ways to add color and joy to a garden, porch, or yard with DIY Yard Art and Garden Ideas! Repurposed bikes, toys, tires and other fun junk.

If you prefer natural look than this decoration made of wood slices is good choice. You can alone easily make this kind of decoration for your room.

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Wood slices instead of pictures on the wall can look very nice. That is very original and can stand good in modern houses but also in classic designed houses. On wood slice you can paint everything what will, by your opinion, stand good on your wall.

On one slice of wood you can write important date for you or picture, or name and make real masterpiece. Wood Cake Topper Something I noticed in recent years is tht to a man are available all modern techniques, but… Continue Reading →