Young Saami girl, Inga-Anna, leads sled Reindeer at the start of the Spring migration in Kautokeino, Norway

Nature Inspired Christmas Craft - using clay, twigs and other nature items!

Nature Inspired Reindeer Craft

Nature Inspired Reindeer Craft such a cute and frugal Christmas craft idea!This Nature Inspired Reindeer Craft was such a special keepsake made by my 2 year old son.

book - libro - scandinavian girl and boy - paper doll - finland | by sonobugiardo

Kansallispukuja, paperinuket - book - libro - scandinavian girl and boy - paper doll - finland

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Kuvahaun tulos haulle reinsdyr same lasso

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reinsdyr same lasso - Google-søk

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Two cute Sami girls in their traditional costumes. Kautokeino is in the northern part of Norway called Finnmark. Just look at those warm-looking shoes, made of reindeer skin.

Bilderesultat for samisk kunst

Bilderesultat for samisk kunst

Folk Costume & Embroidery: Overview of Saami costume

Modern Saami hats and a pair of veeery interesting pants. Saami tunics and coats are very comparable with Viking Age Norse finds;