Odd Erik Sedberg

Odd Erik Sedberg

Odd Erik Sedberg
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Bolt Motorcycle

When Bolt looks at its electric motorcycle, they think,"If you can ride a bicycle you can ride a Bolt." When I look at it I think, "Max speed 20 miles per hour?" The Bolt is a electric commuter that me

Go-goro Electric Scooter: A one-seater can take you for a peaceful ride through the streets of Cambria

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HOT WHEELS Every Austinite knows the painstaking experience of sitting in the city’s congested rush hour traffic. But with Austin Electric Powersports’ new motor scooter, the ATX at least it doesn’t have to be a gas-guzzling experience, too.


The Motorino XPd is a unique scooter released in early upgraded to in and has proved to be one of the best-selling XP models.