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Painfully Funny Quotes About Burpees
Painfully Funny Quotes About Burpees
a woman squatting down with two barbells in her hands
Katrin Davidsdottir/ my all time favorite female Crossfitter <3 One of my biggest inspirations as well.
a shirtless man sitting on top of a bench with a medal around his neck
sincere-is-the-sin: “ Champ. Mathew Fraser. Crossfit Games 2016. ”
a shirtless man holding a tennis racquet in his right hand
a shirtless man holding two rings above his head
Congratulations to Noah Ohlsen, winner of the 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games Open "Let go. Of fear. Of anxiety. Of doubt. I'll never forget, 5 years ago, watching @crossfit's video of @dan_bailey9 winning the first ever @crossfitgames Open. Having just started, I had no real grasp on what my journey in the sport would look like. Sitting in front of my computer, alone in my college apartment, I'd have never thought that a few years down the road I would be one of the few
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The scream. Josh Bridges
a woman holding a flag while standing on top of a tennis court
Box Culture
Kristin Holte of Norway
a woman holding a rope in her hands
Sara Sigmundsdottir
a woman lifting a barbell during a crossfit competition
Security Check Required
Tia-Clair Toomey: 2018 CrossFit Games, Clean & Jerk Speed Ladder