Tales from Drakkar

Inspired by an appgame which has transformed into so much more.
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The Second Layer - Islands

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How to ride a dragon

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Not Everyone Rides Dragons

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Sorcery and Wonderous Items

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an image of some kind of blue and white thing in the middle of it's life cycle
some people are standing in different costumes
Kids by Inimeitiel-chan on DeviantArt
Jewellery, Brooch, Tales, Jewelry
Cards, Crown, Crown Jewelry, Mobile Video
a blue and white dragon is standing in front of a black background with the words pokemon written on it
a house with mushrooms growing out of it's roof in the middle of a forest
fantasy+sprites | Tumblr
a painting of a ship in the ocean with another boat on it's side
John Pitre, 1942 | Visinoary / Surrealist painter
a painting of an alien landscape with people and animals in the water, surrounded by trees
John Pitre, 1942 | Visinoary / Surrealist painter