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In my quest to save as much money as I can, I found that making my own cleaning supplies was one of the easiest and quickest ways to do so. I started out by making my own powdered laundry detergent, then tried liquid and moved onto fabric softener. These were all pretty easy and the …

I've done homemade before and not found a recipe that I like. I'll be curious to try this one. :) DIY Dish Tabs - Saved By Grace Save money cleaning homemade cleaning

Harley-Davidson UL Flathead OHC with Koslow heads | via

RARE and Beautiful example of a Koslow OHV Engine used in Racing Motorcycles sometimes replacing the stock Harley VL motor


From car mechanic to Millionaire. BE ready Twin Turbos. Wow i thought my Twin Turbo Nissan was a beast.Damn this is a Panty Dropper