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No Boston does!!! Haha

My Boston definitely doesn't know the meaning of “personal space.” haha so true but thats why we love em!

Inbox – sebastian.riya@gmail.com

Inbox – sebastian.riya@gmail.com

Boston Terrier Language - OMG I love My Boston Terrier! :) He does these exact things !

Doggie Language Dog-behavior illustrator (and Boston Terrier lover)Lili Chin produced this wonderful explanation of her dog’s body language.

6 Effective Ways to Lose Weight with The “Hypothyroid Diet Method” via @Mamabeeblog

Fast weight loss is something most people want. After all, who does not want to lose a few pounds? However, most weight loss routines out there are not optimized to lose weight quickly. Luckily, biology has given us a lot of information on how to lose.