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ROSE GOLD SMOKY EYE: Rose gold is trending everywhere (think iPhones, jewelry, and watches), so it only makes sense that the soft and pretty pink would make the perfect makeup look too. Using Maybelline's The Blushed Nudes Palette and this six-step tutorial, you can easily create the perfect smoky eye! Start by creating a base, and then apply a medium-dark shade. Follow with a darker, smoky hue and then use eyeliner to define eyes. Add some color to the lower lash line and add a lighter hue…

When you hear "smoky eye," you picture something dark and sultry, right? There's a new way to recreate the classic look, one that lightens the mood but not the sex appeal. Behold: the rose gold smoky eye.

Thumbtack word art

Make Thumbtack Word Art: Get an frame from the dollar store. Then get an colored piece of scrapbook paper and some gold thumbtacks. Write a quote on the paper in pencil and place the thumbtacks over the penciled writing.