MOROSO in nordic light

During the year, the lobby features several different guest installations and this spring and summer we look to Italy, furnishing our lobby together with…
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a room filled with lots of furniture next to a tall window covered in purple lights
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Nordic Light Hotel by architect Rolf Löfvenberg.
a living room filled with lots of colorful furniture
Nordic Light Hotel
two chairs and a table with a fire place in the middle on display at an art gallery
Sick and tired of the April weather here in Stockholm? Stop by and cuddle up in our lobby! (
people are sitting at tables in front of large windows with purple lights on them and the floor is shiny
Moroso at Nordic Light Hotel @photo Gabor Berger 2012
an empty restaurant with colorful wallpaper and tables set up for two people to eat
@Nordic Light Hotel
a white chair sitting on top of a tiled floor
Moroso in nordic light at Nordic Light Hotel
a restaurant with tables and chairs in front of large chandeliers hanging from the ceiling
Moroso in nordic light, restaurant at Nordic Light Hotel
a woman holding a microphone in her right hand and standing on stage with purple lighting behind her
Patrizia Moroso at Moroso in nordic light
a group of people sitting around a table in front of a stage with a man on it
Opening Party of Moroso in nordic light at Nordic Light Hotel
a black and white photo of a man working on some type of crafting project
Opening party of Moroso in nordic light